Grant Public Library

Policies & Resources

Getting a Library Card

All you have to do to get a Library Card is come by the Library (during normal hours), and sign up.
Library Card Benefits

Checking out books

Loan durations

Library resources may be checked out according to the following schedule:

Late fees

If you keep a book out past its due date, you'll be charged 10 cents for each day the book is late.

Waiting List for checked out books

If a book you'd like is already checked out (and there aren't any other copies available), then you can sign up on a waiting list, and when the book is returned, the book will be held for two days for the next person on the list. The next person on the list will be called.

Reserving books

Under certain circumstances, it's possible to place a book on hold for a period of time, so that it will stay in the Library for others to look at, but can't be checked out. When a book is on hold, you're guaranteed that it will be in the Library during the hold period (you don't have to worry that someone might check it out). For example, this might be useful for a book that every student in a class needs to look at for a while, but doesn't need to read the entire thing.

Donating books

You can donate books to the Library, or to the Friends of the Library. If the Library already has a copy of the book, it will be given to the Friends for use in a book sale.

Books can also be given to the library In Honor Of or In Memory Of a friend or loved one. A plate will be put inside the book noting the honored or remembered person, and who gave the book.

Alabama Virtual Library

This is a web-based set of resources that is available to anyone in the state of Alabama through any of the Public Libraries. More information is available on the AVL web pages.

Internet Access Computers

We currently have two public computers, with Internet access, which are available for use by library patrons.