Grant Public Library

Friends of the Library


The official bylaws are available here, but it's written for lawyers. A more readable version, plus other useful information is presented on the rest of this page.

What we do

We are an all-volunteer non-profit organization formed to help the Grant Public Library in any way we can think of (that's within reason). Most everything gets done throught the committees (see below).

When we meet

2nd Thursday of each month, at 7pm

How to join

Anyone can join. We request a membership fee to help support our efforts, but it's not required. All you really have to do is show up at a meeting and offer to help.

Membership dues schedule

Dues are tax deductible, because they are essentially donations to the Library, which is also a non-profit organization.


The following officers were elected on April 12, 2001:
President: Chris Clark
Vice-President: Sylvia Williams
Secretary: Sylvia Williams
Treasureer: Chris Clark


Fund Raising Committee

Chairwoman: Susie Keller; Assistant: Tenna Anderton
These folks will probably be conducting books sales, raffles, and other events to raise money for the Library.

Volunteer/Aides Committee

Chairwoman: Gail Keller
We'd like to have the Library open longer hours than is currently possible. We hope these Aides will begin to make that possible.

History Committee

Chairman: Rex Provence
This committee will help the Library to preserve some of our local history.

Membership Committee

Chairman: [currently open]
This committee is charged with getting new members to help us out.

Activities Committee

Chairwoman: [currently open]
These members will try to keep something going on all the time at the library. We hope to get speakers, have classes, help conduct children's story hour, and anything else we can think of to help generate interest in the library.

Newsletter Committee

Chairman: [currently open]
These brave souls will assemble and publish a regular newsletter to update members (and others) on what's going on with the Friends of the Library.

Churches and Schools Committee

Chairman: Annette Kirkland
If you know of an old school or church, call her with the information.

Gunter Mountain History Project Committee

Chairman: Jean Jackson
The goal of the project is not only to record family members' birth and death dates, but actually put people back in time with stories, pictures and humor.

Friends of the Library Newsletter

We have begun publishing our newsletter, and plan (hope?) to publish it on about a quarterly basis. Copies will be available in the Library, and at meetings of the Friends.

We are currently unable to support subscriptions for mailing the newsletter, but that may be a possibility in the future.

In addition to the print edition, we are also publishing it here on the web. The following issues are currently available: