Grant Public Library

Friends of the Library


The official bylaws are available here.

What we do

We are an all-volunteer not-for-profit organization formed to help the Grant Public Library in any way we can think of (that's within reason).

When we meet

3rd Thursday of each month, at 7pm

How to join

Anyone can join. We request a membership fee to help support our efforts, but it's not required. All you really have to do is show up at a meeting and offer to help.

Membership dues schedule

Dues are tax deductible, because they are essentially donations to the Library, which is also a non-profit organization.


The following officers were elected on April 28, 2005:
President: Wes Paradise
Vice-President: Nell Massey
Secretary: Sylvia Williams
Treasureer: Chris Clark (resigned)
George Williams was appointed as Treasureer to replace Chris Clark.